Services For Property Owners

One call  - we do it all! Everything from showings to repairs to rent collection. Let our team of dedicated professionals take care of all your property needs.

Accounting Services

Staying on top of financials can be a nightmare when it comes to owning property. Let us organize it for you.

Never miss a another tax right off!

Grow Your Property Portfolio

Let us guide you to strategically grow your property portfolio.

We have years of experience in the Ottawa area.

Let us "make you an offer" you shouldn't refuse !

We all know it only takes one troublesome tenant to cause significant legal and financial headaches. A good property manager is informed and constantly kept up to date with the latest amendments to the Ontario Landlord And Tenant Act  and will make sure that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to any potential law suit.

We can't filter out all the bad apples but we will work hard and use everything in our arsenal to "get the job done!"